NJ Bail Bond Process

If your friend or loved one has been arrested for any offense, a bail amount is typically set by a judge and needs to be paid before one can be released from jail.  The monetary amount varies depending on the extremity of the offense and any prior criminal history. At Able Bail Bonds, we can help you work through this overwhelming process step-by-step.

Call 1-908-722-2277 to get your friend or loved one released from jail as soon as possible. Our phones are open 24 hours a day. Multilingual speaking agents are always available for this urgent matter.

The NJ Bail Bond Process

How the Bail Bond Process Works
If you can’t afford to pay the full bail amount, a bail bond agency can help you pay for bail and release your friend or loved one from jail. In many cases, our bondsmen at Able Bail Bonds can have your friend or loved one released within just a few hours. To complete the bail bond process there are 6 simple steps:

  1. Call Able Bail Bonds at 1-908-722-2277
  2. We will ask for basic information (name, jail facility, etc)
  3. We will explain the bail bond process step-by-step
  4. We will assess your financial situation and help you meet bail
  5. You will sign the bail bond documents and pay a service fee (usually a % of the total bail bond)
  6. We post bail with the jail facility → your loved one is released!

Information You Will Need to Get Started:

  • Full legal name of  the detainee
  • Name of the police department, jail or detention center
  • Charges
  • Bail amount
  • Date of arrest

Why Should I choose Able Bail Bonds?
We have extensive experience due to our 15 years of exemplary service, in which we earned the trust and respect of our clients. Our excellent reputation with surety companies allows us to post large bails at an expedited time frame. Once we promise you we will post a bail, we will follow through as quickly as possible.

Our geographically and strategically located offices in Elizabeth, next to the Union County jail; Somerville across from the Police Department near the Somerset County jail.  Our Morristown office is across from the Morris county jail.  This  allows us to offer a speedy and reliable service throughout Hudson, Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic and Essex Counties.

Call 1-908-722-2277 to start the bail bond process. Our phones are open 24 hours a day, and multilingual speaking agents are always available.

For more information about bail bonds, visit our FAQ page.

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